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Air Conditioner Repair in Turlock, CA

Jones Heat & Air is a family owned and operated air conditioner service company serving Turlock, CA and  surrounding areas. All work we perform is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have the industry experience and knowledge required to properly service any make and model of gas and electric HVAC system. Our technicians provide excellent air conditioning repair in Turlock, CA.

AC Repair in Turlock For Any Make and Model

Nobody likes to have a repair need. Whether it’s a plumbing fixture, your computer, car or air conditioner! We help ease the sting of repair with timely, accurate service. By accurate, we mean that Jones Heat & Air will properly diagnose the problem. You don’t want to be one of the homeowners who purchases new equipment because they received bad advice from an HVAC contractor. When you call us for your air conditioner repair in Turlock, your time, comfort and money are protected.

The Advantage of Preventive Maintenance

Spending money on an oil change is required to keep a vehicle running efficiently and reliably. And although none of us like spending money on maintenance, it’s much cheaper than mechanical problems later. The same is true for your heating and air conditioning system. We offer Turlock air conditioner maintenance to help protect the life of your system, and keep your utility bills where they should be.

Thanks for considering Jones Heat & Air for your Turlock air conditioner repair, maintenance and replacement needs. Our service, comfort solutions and advice are simply unmatched. Try us today by calling (209) 632-5675. You’ll not regret the decision, we guarantee it!

Kim D.
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Steve has been serving our old A/C for many years. We were finally able to replace our unit last year. He’s gone above and beyond for us over the years and we cannot thank him enough!!
Air Conditioner Repair in Turlock, CA

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