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Air Conditioning Repair in Turlock, Modesto, Tracy & Surrounding Areas

When you need air conditioning repair in Turlock, Modesto, Tracy & surrounding areas, look no further than what we can provide you here at Jones Heating & Air. We take our work seriously and get the job done efficiently so you can return to enjoying the cool air faster.

When you need a repair done on your AC unit, our team of HVAC technicians is just a phone call away and we can come swiftly to fix it. We ensure that our repairs are only done once and we never sell you products that you don’t need. We are a company with such stellar customer service that you can put your faith in to get any HVAC repair job done quickly and painlessly.

We can repair any and all makes and models of central air conditioning systems– all at affordable and unmatched prices.

Do You Need AC Repair? Telltale Signs

Most air conditioning systems will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on how well they have been maintained, how heavily they have been used, and the type of environment to which they have been subjected.

However, no air conditioner lasts forever, and if you’re worried you’re going to need air conditioner repair or replacement anytime soon, these are some of the following warning signs.

  • Warm or humid air flowing from the vents, or little airflow: If your cooling system is not removing heat and moisture from your indoor air, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong.
  • Frequent cycling, inability to keep the house cool: Frequent cycles may indicate that your cooling system is working harder than it should be and needs a maintenance service call.
  • Strange odors or weird sounds coming from the system: Strange odors can originate in the ductwork of a system and then be propagated by the blower motor. Duct cleaning and routine air filter replacement can help. Strange sounds emanating from the system are another concern: grinding, rattling, buzzing and other sounds should all be addressed by an air conditioning service provider right away.
  • Excessive condensation: A little bit of condensation is one thing, but pooled water or refrigerant around the base are huge warning signs. If you see either of these, contact us for  AC repair right away.
  • System age: Is it almost time for you to take your AC unit to the DMV and get it a license? If so, your system is old – too old – and will likely need home AC repair or replacement sooner rather than later. Be ahead of the curve by replacing your system before it fails.

Air Conditioning Service

While it’s difficult to estimate repair costs for heating and cooling systems without additional information, here are two things we can offer you:  honest & prompt AC repair services. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Don’t suffer the high heat of summer – give us a call for air conditioning repair services in  Turlock, Modesto, Tracy & surrounding areas.

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