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Air Conditioning Installation in Ripon, CA

When you call Jones Heat & Air for air conditioning installation in Ripon, CA, you can expect top notch service. Our technicians are trained and experienced at installing cooling units in the most cost effective and efficient way. We believe in getting the job done right the first time. Our technicians will work diligently to get you up and running with all components installed properly.

We offer free estimates in Ripon, CA performed by our experienced, knowledgeable technicians. Our AC experts come out to your home or business to survey your existing air conditioning equipment and gather information. This will help them determine what size air conditioning system your space requires and whether any preliminary work may need to be done, such as duct work repair. After assessing your needs, your budget and the logistics of your home and equipment, we will recommend the most cost-effective and efficient system that meets your requirements.

Air Conditioning Installation, Replacement & Repair

Whether you need an AC tune-up, repair or air conditioning replacement in Ripon, CA, the details really matter. They affect what you purchase, and they affect the size of your utility bills for many years to come. Jones Heat & Air excels at paying attention to the details. It means that when you call us out for AC repair in Ripon, CA, we fix the right thing. When you call to replace your air conditioner, we inspect your home, listen to your efficiency and budgetary requirements, and then give you the ideal recommendations to meet them. If you’re into the details like we are, you’ll love the services we provide.

AC Maintenance in Ripon, CA

The best way to ensure your air conditioning is working at its best is to have regular maintenance. Jones Heat & Air offers a preventive HVAC maintenance tune up and professional cleaning for your air conditioning system. With this service you keep your system at its most efficient and avoid future repairs. Our technicians lubricate moving parts to keep them working smoothly. Any parts that are beginning to show wear are inspected and can be replaced before they breakdown.

This service allows you to get the most out of your system. The more efficiently it runs, the less you pay in utilities bills on an over-taxed air conditioning system. Save money and extend the life of your air conditioner with regular air conditioning maintenance.

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