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Air Conditioning Installation in Turlock, CA

Looking to replace your current HVAC system or building a new home in Turlock, CA? We sell and install high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems. You can count on Jones Heat & Air for quality air conditioning installation & replacement in Turlock, CA for residential and commercial!

If you own an air conditioner, eventually you’re going to choose between repairing or replacing your HVAC system. We can help you determine if your air conditioner can be repaired. If it can’t, we can help you find another cooling system.

During the in-home visit, we will review your current air conditioning system. We will also look at your home’s air duct to see if there are leaks or other issues that could affect the performance of your new system.

Consider your home environment.

  • Do your utility bills seem too high?
  • Do you have rooms that are always too hot or too cold?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies?
  • Does your home already have duct work?

Then we will preform a load calculation to see how much heat your house gains throughout the day and what size air conditioner will keep it cool.

Design a system that’s perfect for your home.

  • We will consider the size and structure of your home
  • Discuss your average energy use

Get Your Air Conditioning Installation Estimate

If you’re looking to have air conditioning installed in Turlock, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Get a consultation: Jones Heat & Air will come to your home to assess your cooling needs and recommend the best AC system for your space. We can also provide an estimate for the cost of installation.

Choose the right type of AC system: Depending on your home’s layout and cooling needs, you may want to choose a central air conditioning system, ductless mini-split system, or a portable unit.
When your assessment is complete, we’ll follow up with a quote. It’ll include product and labor along with financing options to fit your budget. We’ll answer any questions you have.

Schedule the installation: Once you’ve chosen the right AC system, you can schedule the installation.

Maintain the AC system: After installation, it’s important to properly maintain the AC system to keep it running efficiently and prolong its lifespan. This includes regular cleaning, filter changes, and professional tune-ups.


Emily S.
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Jones Heat & Air had excellent customer service. I needed a maintenance done on my AC, and he was very quick to provide services. Overall, from what I have researched, this company offers the best prices in this area. I highly suggest this company!
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