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Air Conditioning Replacement in Manteca, CA

Deciding whether you need air conditioning replacement  or repair can be an expensive decision. When you call Jones Heat & Air, we’ll take the guesswork out. We can assess your cooling system and let you know if repairing it is a good option. It’s much easier to decide when you know your options.

A few considerations to keep in mind when you make your decision.

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners & heat pumps last an average of 10 to 12 years – sometimes longer depending on use and maintenance. If your equipment is close to that age range, you might have more repairs in the near future.

How much is your old air conditioner costing you?

Some people will consider replacing a product when repairs exceed 50% of the cost of a new one. We can give you a free estimate on a new system and show you what you will save. Sometimes it’s best just to repair the old air conditioner. Our trucks are stocked with quality parts so we can do that quickly!

How Well Your System is Performing?

Do you feel like you have to constantly adjust your thermostat to stay comfortable? Does your air conditioner or furnace make noises when it starts up? Does your air feel stuffy or damp? If any of these issues are getting in the way of your home comfort, it may be time to get a new system installed.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Advancements

New air conditioners are more efficient, can last longer and run quieter than past models. When you replace an old air conditioner, you’ll get a system with new features and increased efficiencies that can save you money on your utility bills.

Size & Capacity of AC

Upgrades that enhance the energy efficiency of your home, such as new windows, roofing and insulation, can also affect the efficiency of your comfort system. If you’ve made improvements to your home, you might benefit from downgrading to a smaller unit. This will provide better comfort at a lower operating cost.

Environmental Impact

If you’re concerned with your energy footprint, you may be surprised to know that your heating and cooling system accounts for about 50% of your home’s energy use (according to U.S. Department of Energy Statistics). Upgrading to new ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment ensures your units meet or exceed federal standards for energy efficiency.

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