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Think You Need Air Conditioning Repair Services?

[10 Reasons Your AC Isn’t Working!]

So your air conditioning system is not working properly and you’re afraid you might be in need of air conditioning repair services. You very well might be, but before you call for help, try these following four tips to see if you can troubleshoot the issue or diagnose the problem yourself.

1. Check the thermostat

The first thing you should do is check the thermostat. If it is not set to “cool,” then it should be no wonder your air conditioner isn’t cooling! If it’s set to “cool,” then the next thing to check is the temperature setting. If that is off, readjust the temperature setting (which should prompt your air conditioner to cycle on) then wait a few minutes before checking to see if cold air is coming from the vents.


2. Your circuit breaker is tripped or you’ve blown a fuse

If your circuit breaker is tripped and no power is available to your air conditioning system, then it’s not going to come on. If the circuit to your AC system is tripped, reset it and see if the AC comes on. If it does and the circuit trips again, you may have another problem and you should contact an HVAC specialist or an electrician.

If you’ve blown a fuse, you’ll need to have it replaced before your AC system will operate; again, in this case you’ll need either the assistance of an HVAC technician or an electrician.

3 .Check the air vents; are they obstructed?

Next, you should check the air vents. Remove anything that’s blocking them, such as furniture or decor, then make sure the dampers are opened. They also tend to accumulate a lot of dust over time, so make sure they’re clean.

4. Check your air filter; is it dirty?

If your thermostat is set properly, you haven’t tripped a circuit and your vents aren’t obstructed, your next shot should be to check the air filter. When your air filters are dirty the air conditioning system has to work harder, making it less efficient at cooling and driving up your energy bills.

You should replace your air filters at least once every three months, but if the HVAC system isn’t working as it should, check it and see if it needs to be replaced.
Still not working? The problem might be more serious

If your air conditioner is running and still not working properly or is failing to cool the house, you might have a more serious issue that requires professional air conditioning repair services. These are some of the more common problems afflicting the majority of residential air conditioning systems.

5. Your fan motor has burned out

If your fan won’t start, there’s a possibility that it has burned out. Luckily, preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling system, like routinely replacing your air filters, can help prevent this..

Even if the fan isn’t burnt out, you should look out for the following signs that it’s soon going to be time to repair or replace it: intermittent running or slow fan blades may both be a sign that your air conditioning unit’s fan is going end of life.

6. Your capacitor isn’t working

Your air conditioning system likely has two devices known as capacitors; start capacitors which start the system and run capacitors that power the unit while it’s running. Random shut offs and short cycling may indicate that your capacitor is on the fritz and it’s time to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair services. Another warning sign is when you hear a noise coming from your air conditioner without it actually starting. These could all be signs of a flagging capacitor.

7. Your evaporator coil is frozen or your condenser coil is dirty

If your system is running constantly or overworking, for example due to high heat, the evaporator coil can freeze. If that happens, the refrigerant will no longer be able to cycle through the lines. Your air conditioner will keep running but will be unable to cool your home. If your coil has frozen, shut off the system immediately.

A similar issue is when the condenser coil becomes obstructed by dirt or debris. Your condenser coil, which is located outside the home, is responsible for releasing heat into the air outside. If it gets dirty or becomes covered by debris, it will lose efficiency and your air conditioner will work less efficiently.

8. Your condensate drain line may be clogged

If your condensate drain line becomes clogged or the condensate pump calls, water can overfill the drainage pain and cause condensation to back up inside the air conditioner. If this happens, it can actually cause your air conditioner evaporator coil to freeze.

Clear out your drain line if it blocked and see if the issue remedies itself, otherwise contact a HVAC service specialist. The problem may be with the condensate pump itself.

9.  Refrigerant levels are low and the unit is not working efficiently

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant, it will not work as efficiently. Often, the problem is a leak, and refilling the refrigerant alone will not solve the problem. Rather the line that is leaking must be identified and repaired or replaced.

air conditioning installation

10. Ductwork is leaky or improperly insulated

Believe it or not, leaky or ineffective ductwork can also cause problem for your heating and air conditioning system, even though it isn’t a problem with the air conditioner itself. An AC repair services specialist can help you diagnose and potentially rectify this type of issue.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair Services?

As you can see, some of these issues may be rectifiable at home. However, for others, it’s necessary to lean on the experience and expertise of a qualified HVAC repair professional.

Routine maintenance services can help prevent some of the issues mentioned in this article, but over time the parts on an old air conditioning system break or fail. To replace or repair them, you’ll need to enlist the help of an air conditioning services technician with experience and a good reputation.

Jones Heat & Air provides air conditioning repair services in Turlock, California, including emergency repair services. You can call us any time for emergency repairs and we’ll send a technician out to help you. Get in touch with us at 209-632-5675 today; most issues are better caught ahead of time, and summer is right around the corner!

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If there’s one sure thing about furnace repair, it’s that you want it done once, done right – you don’t want to have to call the HVAC contractor back to fix it again because of a mistake! At Jones Heat & Air, our Manteca furnace repair technicians take great pride in their furnace repair work, meaning you’ll get quality service that you can count on for the rest of the season, so call Jones Heat & Air! Our expert furnace repair technicians will quickly find and diagnose your problems and fix them the first time so you can be comfortable all season long!

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We also offer yearly maintenance plans. A technician will come to your home twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to do a complete cleaning on either your air conditioner or furnace and make sure they are running at optimum efficiency.

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