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Heating Repair: Is Your Furnace on the Fritz?

You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but California winters can be cold. There’s no way around it: if you live here, you need to be prepared to bundle up in the winter and provide your home with an adequately powered heat source to get you through the bitterest months of the year.

For most Californians, that equates to a powerful natural gas furnace with a higher AFUE rating that’s regular services to keep comfort up while keeping costs down. A broken-down or flagging furnace in the winter months is not a welcome development.

You may have read it’s a good practice to have your furnace serviced at least once per year (preferably two) but did you know about these warning signs that your furnace might be flagging?

Take a look through them – if you notice any of them, it might be time for you to think about looking for heating repair near you!

Check Your Pilot Light: It Should Be Blue
Most furnaces burn natural gas as fuel, which burns cleanly and should produce a pure, blue flame. If your pilot burner is yellow, either the burner is dirty or the gas isn’t combusting completely and it’s producing more carbon monoxide (CO) than it should.

Other warning signs that your furnace is not combusting its fuel efficiently (thereby producing more CO than it should) are soot streaks in or around the furnace, water collecting around the chimney or flue, or rust or other corrosion on the flue.

All of these warning signs should be assessed immediately by a trusted HVAC technician.

Moisture Buildup on Windows
In the winter, moisture buildup on the windows or walls of your home can indicate a problem with your furnace. If the furnace can no longer provide efficient heating, air circulation, or is producing too much carbon monoxide, all of these can manifest as condensation build-up around your home.

Not only is a failing furnace unsafe and expensive, but this condensation can also cause property damage, particularly to walls.

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Corrosion around the Flue
Your flue is responsible for venting the dangerous CO byproduct of your furnace’s combustion to the outdoors. If it is corroded and not effectively venting the gas, some of it can remain indoors will it will adversely affect occupant health.

Have a repair technician evaluate your flue immediately if you notice it is exhibiting signs of rust or corrosion.

Thermostat Issues May Actually Be Furnace Issues
Constantly adjusting the thermostat? That may actually be a sign that your central heating system needs service and that you may need furnace repair.

While it could be that the thermostat itself is faulty, it is also a big warning sign that your furnace is struggling to produce enough warmth to keep your family comfortable and may stop working. Don’t troubleshoot the thermostat on your own – contact an HVAC service for emergency heating repair.

Hearing Odd Sounds
Odd sounds emanating from the depths of your heating system (or odd silences, for that matter) may also be a big red flag that it’s time to think about heating repair near you.

There are all different types of unpleasant sounds a failing furnace may make, including but not limited to hissing, rattling, clicking, shaking or vibrating, or even banging or squeaking. Another warning sign is if your fan is constantly running.

Incidentally, the same thing applies for air conditioner systems: if you hear weird sounds or they start and stop unpredictably, contact us for heating and air conditioning repair services.

No Air from the Vents or Blowing Cold Air

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If you can’t feel anything from the vents when you put your hand up to them (and the furnace is running, of course) it may be that your fan is failing and needs to be serviced or replaced. Feeling cold or cool air is a symptom that the furnace itself needs help.

Not Feeling Well? Check the Furnace, It Might Be Time for Heating Repair!
It’s common for people to feel under the weather in the winter – but the culprit may actually be your furnace and not a pathogen.

Inefficient furnaces or issues with the ventilation system may release CO into the air of a home, which is a deadly toxin. Carbon monoxide can kill – but before it does it often makes affected individuals feel ill, with headaches, nausea, or confusion – symptoms that are disturbingly similar to the flu, which is also common in the winter.

Don’t rule the furnace out!

Frequent Cycling
If your furnace is constantly cycling on and off the reason may be that there is something wrong with the fan motor or the heat sensor which signals to the furnace when it should be running or not.

Either way, frequently cycling is both taxing on the system and highly inefficient, stopping it before it can complete a full heating cycle – have it investigated by a heating and cooling system expert.

Higher than Normal Utility Bills
Inexplicably high utility bills in the winter may also be a sign that your furnace is not operating efficiently and has to burn more fuel than it once did to keep your family comfortable.

Obviously, un-customarily low temperatures will cause your furnace to run more than usual, but if you’re seeing a spike in a milder month, there may be an issue with the furnace.

Before you reach out for repair, though, let us offer this: check your furnace’s filter and replace it if it is dirty. A dirty filter is both taxing on your furnace, making the fan work harder than it needs to and preventing the heating air from circulating efficiently, and taxing on health, since your system’s air filter removes particulate matter and some pathogens from the air.

Furnace Age
Take care of your furnace, replace your filters when needed, and have it serviced regularly, and don’t be surprised if it lasts you upwards of a decade. In fact, a well-serviced furnace can last nearly two decades – possibly even more.

However, age alone may be an indicator that it’s time for an upgrade. Was the last time you replaced your furnace sometime in the 90s? Then it’s time to look into it.

If you’re not sure of the age, check the serial number on the label. If there’s a service log on or near the unit, it might also include the date of installation.

For those of you with furnaces of voting age, the time is coming for a new unit – it will be more energy-efficient and keep your family more comfortable, even in the dead of winter.

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