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Keeping your home cool with an air conditioner, warming it up with a furnace or enjoying both heating & cooling with a heat pump, makes life indoors comfortable. Jones Heat & Air is proud to be a trusted HVAC contractor in Manteca, CA. We service the Manteca area with AC & furnace repair, maintenance and new installation services.

Seasonal Tune-Ups Matter

Just like your car or truck needs oil changes and other maintenance to stay fuel efficient, and protect it from premature wear, your HVAC system also needs seasonal maintenance or tune-up to ensure it’s ready to deliver reliable, efficient comfort. Skipping maintenance will eventually affect utility bills, and the life of your system, which makes our low cost air conditioning & heating maintenance offerings a very wise investment.

Design is Paramount

If you learn anything about heating and air conditioning today, let it be this: The initial design and installation of your indoor comfort system affects ongoing performance, reliability and efficiency. In fact this is so important it even trumps the brand of equipment you purchase. We’re a HVAC contractor installing & replacing HVAC systems the right way.

Jones Heat & Air – An HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

We have the training and experience required to service any HVAC system the right way. Jones Heat & Air is a Manteca, CA HVAC contractor who puts our full attention into each customer situation. We’re not here to make a fast buck off a repair, we’re here to help you have quality comfort on into the future!

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